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May 1, 2016 – Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc. has acquired Rochester’s Don Allen Agency, Inc.  This announcement is on the heels of Walsh Duffield’s most recent acquisition of the Barry York Agency in Pittsford, which occurred in January.     

The Don Allen Agency was founded in 1968 and grew to become one of Rochester’s largest independent insurance agencies.  Don Allen's growth was fueled by making numerous acquisitions over the years. With the addition of the Don Allen Agency, the Rochester market represents approximately one third of the Walsh Duffield book of business, now with 28 employees in two Rochester locations.

As part of the agreement, Walsh Duffield will also continue their affiliation with The Mickles Insurance Agency and the Wilkins Insurance Agency.  Both Jim Mickles and Gary Wilkins have been affiliated with The Don Allen Agency for over 20 years.

“This is a significant step for us as we activate our growth strategy beyond Buffalo,” explains Barney Walsh, Executive Vice President of Walsh Duffield.  “Partnering with the team at the Don Allen Agency gives us the strength and experience to be a real player in the Rochester market.”

The Don Allen Agency is ready to team up with Walsh Duffield for a number of reasons.  “This is a great fit for us, as Walsh Duffield has a strong leadership team and a drive for growth.  I am very excited for both my clients and colleagues,” says Arthur J. Fitelson, Vice Chairman of the Don Allen Agency.

 “This new partnership will allow us to work with larger carriers, and offer more services to our clients,” explains Mark Stuewe, Chief Operating Officer at Don Allen Agency.

Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc. has been offering insurance solutions to individuals and businesses since 1860. With 110 employees, Walsh Duffield maintains offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Avon and Medina, offering a variety of personal and commercial insurance products to clients across the region. Walsh Duffield continually strives to provide advice, education and guidance to manage risk and deliver group benefits to keep individuals safe and well. 

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Anderson, Timothy E.   vCard
Producer - Don Allen Agency
Email: tanderson@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8744
Boatman, Sonya M.   vCard
Commercial Division Account Executive - Don Allen Agency
Email: sboatman@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8735
Fitelson, Arthur J.   vCard
Vice Chairman - Don Allen Agency
Email: afitelson@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8702
Galligan, Mary Jo    vCard
Personal Division Account Executive - Don Allen Agency
Email: mgalligan@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8706
Gayne, Kim M.   vCard
Personal Division Account Executive - Don Allen Agency
Email: kgayne@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8704
Johnson, Barbara J.   vCard
Administrative Associate & Receptionist - Don Allen Agency
Email: bjohnson@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8700
Lantz, Maureen J.  vCard
Commercial Division Account Executive - Don Allen Agency
Email: mlantz@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8739
Maher, Dawn O.  vCard
Personal Division Account Executive, Avon Office - Don Allen Agency
Email: dmaher@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 226-6127
Mandrino, Janice L.   vCard
Accounting & Administrative Associate - Don Allen Agency
Email: jmandrino@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8705
Marvin, Amber D.   vCard
Senior Administrative & Accounting Associate - Don Allen Agency
Email: amarvin@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8733
Mickles, James A.   vCard
Independent Contractor: Owner - Mickles Agency, Inc.
Email: jmickles@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8720
Piacelli, Jodi  vCard
Personal Division Account Executive and Coordinator - Don Allen Agency
Email: jpiacelli@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8710
Ritzenthaler, Christian D.   vCard
Producer - Don Allen Agency
Email: critzenthaler@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8713
Strack, Patricia D.   vCard
Personal Division Risk Analyst - Don Allen Agency
Email: pstrack@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8711
Stuewe, Mark T.   vCard
President - Don Allen Agency
Email: mstuewe@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8730
Weeks, Ahndraya, J.  vCard
Commercial Division Team Leader - Rochester - Don Allen Agency
Email: aweeks@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8736
Westerman, Kristie A.   vCard
Senior Accounting & Administrative Associate - Don Allen Agency
Email: kwesterman@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8732
Wilkins, Gary R.   vCard
Independent Contractor: Owner - Wilkins Insurance Agency, Inc.
Email: gwilkins@walshins.com  •  Phone: (585) 267-8742

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