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Our Retirement Plan Services

Walsh Duffield Retirement Plan Solutions is a proud member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a professional alliance consisting of more than 465 accomplished retirement plan consultants across the United States1. RPAG supports our practice by providing access to tools, such as:

Investment Selection and Monitoring

Our independent Scorecard℠ System rates plan investments on a quarterly basis. An Investment Policy Statement is created and recommendations presented. The quarterly Fiduciary Investment Review™ reports become part of your fiduciary documents, uploaded to a proprietary online portal called the Fiduciary Briefcase™. We will present the investment reports in-person to the committee on an agreed-upon basis.

Fiduciary Fitness Program™

The Fiduciary Fitness Program™ includes:

  • Fiduciary Diagnostic™: Identifies what challenges need to be addressed and documents plan management responsibilities to confirm plan compliance.
  • Fiduciary Plan Review™: Provides an annual examination and report, which includes cost analysis, plan design, compliance updates, checklists and a fiduciary tutorial. The report also outlines the services to be provided throughout the year along with suggested execution dates.
  • Education Modules: Offers more than 20 education modules on topics ranging from fiduciary responsibilities and employer securities to real property and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Documentation Modules: Creates positive evidence of a fiduciary meeting their responsibilities under ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code.

Vendor Benchmark Analysis

Through the B3 Vendor Analysis™ tool, the consultants at Walsh Duffield Retirement Plan Solutions have access to more than 100 different vendors to compare services, investments and fees. Because of these partnerships, many companies have hired us on a project basis to conduct an analysis of their current plans.

Our benchmarking process employs both quantitative and qualitative metrics and includes:

  • Initial Needs Analysis
  • Request for Proposal Questionnaire
  • Response Compilation
  • Total Cost Analysis
  • Investment Options Ranking
  • Conversion Assistance
  • Provider Contract Review & Negotiation

Fiduciary Briefcase™

The Fiduciary Briefcase™ is a proprietary online portal designed to be your private filing system in the virtual world. Housing meeting summaries, compliance documents, newsletters and so much more, the Fiduciary Briefcase™ affords your committee 24/7 access to pertinent plan information and readily prepares your plan for audit.

Participant Education

Depending on your needs, we can customize a participant education plan, leveraging resources available from your service providers. In addition, we can provide the education directly both on a group and one-on-one basis.

Walsh Duffield Wellness Daily offers Financial Wellness courses. Like health and wellness, financial wellness is an integral component of overall health. Financial wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, as well as disability and workers’ compensation costs. Moreover, effective financial wellness programs reduce borrowing from retirement savings and help participants achieve stability. Let the professionals at Walsh Duffield deliver a holistic, comprehensive and objective financial wellness education series that is focused on changing your employees’ financial habits and behaviors, and helping them to make informed financial decisions.

Fiduciary Meeting Notes

Our services include the creation of meeting minutes, which will be uploaded and accessible via Fiduciary Briefcase™.

Vendor Liaison

Our consultants can coordinate and interact directly with vendors to ensure services are being properly utilized. We can also assist with and help resolve any service problems.

 1 As of July 2015

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