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Wellness at Walsh

Here at Walsh Duffield Companies Inc., we practice what we preach. As a result, we have an extensive wellness program — Wellness Daily! Additionally, we have two Wellness Coordinators on-site--this allows us to offer a variety of wellness activities such as nutritional and personal training consultations and group weight-loss and blood pressure management programs. While one goal of our wellness program is to cut down on medical expenses, our greatest benefits are seen through helping our employees and their families adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Walsh Duffield takes charge when it comes to providing options for its employees and their families to lead healthier lives – in and out of the office.

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Wearable Device Study

As a way to evaluate and measure our wellness program, we have welcomed the opportunity to take part in various studies that we've been asked to volunteer.  The most recent study came in the form of a wearable device research project through the University at Buffalo and Cornell University.  As part of the study, volunteers from our organization answered a series of questions along with recording their daily step count using either a Jawbone or Fitbit, which were donated to us.  The study was an 8-week observation of a possible relationship between using a wearable device and any increase in motivation to exercise more or make healthier eating choices.  These results are beneficial in order to understand some of the psychological components to incorporate into our wellness program.   

Healthy Vending Machines & CSA

If you were to join us in our kitchen for lunch, it’s hard to miss our new vending machine! If you take a look, you’ll notice a “RD-approved Nutrition Key” proudly displayed on the glass. Each item that is stocked in our machine has gone through the review by our onsite Registered Dietitian. Better yet, the healthiest items are the least expensive! Another wonderful service that we have at Walsh Duffield is our partnership with Becker Farms to offer us a drop off location for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Two of our associates took the lead on this and have coordinated this healthy program and it became a great way to share recipes and ideas for healthier eating! The seasonal produce is dropped off at our office once a week for 20 weeks – all of the produce is fresh and varies depending on what is ready to be picked at the farm that week. It’s become a great way for our associates to have convenient access to fresh produce and a competitive price. It has also introduced some people to a large variety of fruits and vegetables they may have otherwise disregarded. 

“Lose to Win” – Team-based Weight Loss Challenge

This twelve-week program helped to promote healthy long-term weight loss. With the help of their teammates, our employees collaborated on how to cook healthy and delicious meals, interesting and fun ways to incorporate more physical activity into their day, and just the day-to-day support to stay true to their wellness goals.

The WDC Wellness Coordinators helped the teams along the way by sending weekly health tips - educating on how to calculate calories needed for a healthy weight-loss, promoting community events that encourage physical activity and provided an introduction to various foods that can help rev up metabolism. 

With over 50% participation, it’s clear that WDC enjoys a little friendly competition!

“Under Pressure” – Blood Pressure Management Program

Using our onsite automatic blood pressure monitor, the Walsh Duffield Wellness Coordinators put their own spin on this program by providing a weekly educational seminar for the duration of the four-week program.  This program helped to educate the participants on heart health, and how to prevent and control high blood pressure with healthy lifestyle changes.

The hot topics included:

  • How to properly read your blood pressure.
  • How to incorporate the optimal amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Portion control.
  • Understanding how to read sodium on food labels.
  • Incorporating physical activity and proper stress management techniques to effectively lower blood pressure readings. 

About a quarter of our employees participated in this program with 100% completion!!

The WDC employees were very pleased with the program and some suggested we do it again in six months!  Others commented that it was a “great program!” and that “the information helps (them) make better choices.  Thank you.”

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