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Voluntary Benefits

Are Your Benefits Attracting Today’s Top Talent?

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As the saying goes, “your people are your most important asset.” So how can you go about attracting and retaining the best — without breaking the bank in the process? By adding Voluntary Benefits to your overall compensation package.

Voluntary Benefits are simply insurance products employees can purchase through their employers at a rate lower than they could get on their own. The employee picks and pays for benefits, typically through payroll deduction.

Some advantages of offering Voluntary Benefits include:

More attractive compensation. Employers can offer their employees a more robust and enticing compensation package — all at no cost to the employer.
Help managing rising benefits costs. Voluntary Benefits can give organizations greater flexibility in managing the rising cost of health care.*
Increased employee loyalty. Nearly 60% of employees consider Voluntary Benefits to have a very important correlation to their loyalty to their employer.*
Improved productivity. Programs that address issues such as financial illness hold promise for improving productivity, as well as reducing the incidence of stress-related health conditions.*

So What Kinds of Voluntary Benefits Should You Offer?

Here’s a look at a few of the most popular:

• Disability Coverage
• Cancer Coverage
• Critical Illness Coverage (for illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, organ transplants, or kidney failure)
• Vision Coverage
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Legal Counseling (for matters such as wills and trusts, real estate transactions, and traffic and juvenile issues)
• Financial Education, Credit Counseling and/or Debt Management Help

When it comes down to it, Voluntary Benefits are a win-win for both your organization and your employees. With these benefits, you’re enabling your employees to protect their health, their savings, and everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve — without making a big impact on your budget.

*Source: MetLife

This information is advisory in nature. No liability is assumed by reason of the information in this document.

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